Ferrari 0-60 times

In our directory, we have classified all Ferrari cars according to their 0 to 60 times and quarter mile results. Since our editorial team is laser-focused on this one specific feature, we have made a bold effort to collect the acceleration data for all Ferrari models over the last 20 years.

For better user experience, all cars are grouped by the body style. Our devoted auto data staff scientists work hard full time to collect and re-check zero to sixty times for Ferrari SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, etc. It should be noted that our primary source for performance data is the official acceleration stats published in the Ferrari manuals. However, for new Ferrari cars we also check on the credible test-drives to verify the numbers.

Once you have discovered the basics, feel free to dive deep into the listing. Below you can see the breakdown of Ferrari 0-60 times by models. There is also a chart of the fasters Ferrari cars together with the slowest vehicles. Actually, we are striving to become the most credible aggregator of performance specs for the Ferrari vehicles. Please take into consideration the fact that specified data may not always coincide with your personal estimation. There is no way to test the cars with all the conditions being equal.

The fastest Ferrari cars

Ferrari LaFerrari 0-60 2.5 sec
Ferrari 458 Speciale 0-60 2.8 sec
Ferrari 488 GTB 0-60 2.9 sec
Ferrari 458 Italia 0-60 3 sec
Ferrari 458 Spider 0-60 3 sec
Ferrari California 0-60 3.3 - 3.9 sec
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 0-60 3.4 - 3.6 sec
Ferrari F12berlinetta 0-60 3.5 sec
Ferrari FF 0-60 3.5 - 3.7 sec
Ferrari Enzo 0-60 3.6 sec
Ferrari 360 Modena 0-60 3.8 - 4.4 sec
Ferrari F430 0-60 3.8 - 4.1 sec
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 0-60 3.9 - 4.7 sec
Ferrari Superamerica 0-60 3.9 - 4.6 sec
Ferrari 575M 0-60 4 - 4.5 sec
Ferrari Challenge Stradale 0-60 4.1 sec
Ferrari 456M 0-60 4.4 - 4.9 sec

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