FIAT 500e 0-60 times

Out of all performance specs, nothing but FIAT 500e 0-60 times can better speak about the vehicle's temper. While horsepower and torque blow smoke in the eyes, 500e zero to sixty specs and average time to run a quarter mile are pretty straightforward metrics allowing to compare against its competitors.

Very often there is no chance of doing 500e 0-to-60 test personally and making conclusions from the experience of the other drivers is the last thing you want.

Conducting a trustworthy test drive requires following a strict methodology that is intended to eliminate the inconsistent circumstances like weather, tires, surface, engine temperature. It is always better to leave it for professionals.

Increase Horsepower

The cold air part is also important in making more power. Cold air is denser and contains more oxygen molecules than warm air does. So if you can get cooler air into your FIAT 500e engine, your car will be able to mix more fuel with that air, making more power. Combine that with the more air through the larger and less restrictive filter and intake tube and you can see up to a 15-20 horsepower increase. K&N has even reported an estimated increase of 56.96 horsepower out of the 57-2571 intake for 2007-2009 Shelby GT500!

2019 FIAT 500e 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
Battery Electric 2dr Hatchback
111 Hp, 147 Lb-Ft., 2980 Weight, 121 City / 103 Hwy mpg
8 sec, 17.7 @ 0

2018 FIAT 500e 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile

2017 FIAT 500e 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
Battery Electric 2dr Hatchback
111 Hp, 147 Lb-Ft., 2980 Weight, 121 City / 103 Hwy mpg
8.8 sec, 16.8 @ 80

Car And Driver Results

Zero to 60 mph 8.4 sec
Rolling start, 5-60 mph 8.9 sec
Top gear, 30-50 mph 3.5 sec
Top gear, 50-70 mph 6.0 sec
Standing ¼-mile 16.7 sec @ 80 mph
Braking, 70-0 mph 192 ft
Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad 0.79 g
Source: С&D

2016 FIAT 500e 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
Battery Electric 2dr Hatchback
8.8 sec, 16.7 @ 0

2015 FIAT 500e 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
Battery Electric 2dr Hatchback
111 Hp, 147 Lb-Ft., 2980 Weight
8.8 sec, 16.7 @ 0

FIAT 500e 0-60 mph acceleration across years

Year of a Model0-60 times1/4 mile times

8 sec

17.7 @ 0 mph

8.8 sec

16.8 @ 80 mph

8.8 sec

16.7 @ 0 mph

8.8 sec

16.7 @ 0 mph

8.7 sec

16.5 @ 0 mph

8.8 sec

16.7 @ 0 mph

While compact crossovers are hotter than ever and full-size pickups are the market's top-selling cars, these segments usually do not see anything innovative. Yet automotive manufactures take more steps with electric vehicles. Every year the electric cars launch having more range and available functions. By trying out the 2019 Fiat 500e and contrasting this to other EVs, you can see just how far things have come. But the analogy is not favorable for Fiat in this specific situation.

The battery is the 500e restricting factor. The 24kWh pack is sufficient for a range of just 84 miles. By the time the 500e started in 2013, the gap was par for the course. Newer competitors can already hit two or three times as far. The 500e is still out of date in terms of the latest infotainment and features of safety.

However, it has some positive aspects. The small size of the 500e allows parking and maneuvering in busy urban centers. You can find a willing supporter in the 500e if all you wish is simple, low-cost EV transport. But competitors such as the Chevrolet Bolt, Hyundai Kona Electric, and Nissan Leaf provide more usefulness and variety, making them more practical.

The 500e is a fun electric car with the right moves at every step. In reality, it's faster to 60 mph than the standard Fiat 500. However, it is safer to maintain a light foot, as driving it enthusiastically significantly decreases the range.

A big electric motor torque provides a strong impression of driving away from the halt. In 8.2 seconds, our 500e scooted to 60 mph, which makes an EV pretty quick.

The brake pedal is sturdy and reassuring, and routine in-town stops feel usual. Our 60 mph panic stop took 129 feet; it is a little bit long but not alarming.

The steering wheel seems heavy when going straight, but when turning corners, it gets a positive response. The 500e is curiously responsive than the standard Fiat 500.

The 500e differs from other electric vehicles with its good feel of balance and a will to turn. Among others, it is one of the entertaining electric cars.

The day's order is smooth, but we want the Fiat 500e to allow for additional regenerative braking capacity.

The 2019 Fiat 500e is a fully electric two-door hatchback offered in a well-appointing single trim. The 500e is equipped with an 83-kilowatt electric motor (111 hp, 147 pound-feet of torque) channeled to the front wheels by an electronic single-speed automatic transmission.

The motor is powered by a rechargeable 24-kWh lithium-ion battery pack powers. The EPA reports that 500e can drive to 84 miles on a full charge. Fiat estimates that a standard 120-volt outlet will charge the 500e in 24 hours, although a level 2 charger will complete the task in around 4 hours.

The 500e has such standard features as 15-inch alloy wheels, foglights, mirrors with heating, rear Parktronic, a rearview camera, remote locking and unlocking, automatic climate control, a driver information monitor, accessories of full power, cruise control, manually adjustable front seats with heating and driver-side height adjustment, exclusive vinyl upholstery, a tilt-adjustable steering wheel wrapped in leather, a rearview mirror with auto-dimming, 50/50-split folding rear seats, floor mats, and a cargo cover. Among the technology options, you will get Bluetooth, a navigation system, voice commands, a 5-inch touchscreen, and an Alpine audio system with six speakers, satellite radio, a USB port, and an additional audio jack.
As for the optional features, there are a sunroof and the eSport appearance kit that offers darkened exterior lamp bezels, orange exterior trim pieces, and unique 15-inch wheels for a more customized look.

It is simple to choose what 500e model to but because there is a single trim edition. You only have to decide whether you want a sunroof and the additional eSport kit's gray-and-orange theme.

FIAT 500e specs