Ford Shelby GT500 0-60 times

Out of all performance specs, nothing but Ford Shelby GT500 0-60 times can better speak about the vehicle's temper. While horsepower and torque blow smoke in the eyes, Shelby GT500 zero to sixty specs and average time to run a quarter mile are pretty straightforward metrics allowing to compare against its competitors.

Very often there is no chance of doing Shelby GT500 0-to-60 test personally and making conclusions from the experience of the other drivers is the last thing you want.

Conducting a trustworthy test drive requires following a strict methodology that is intended to eliminate the inconsistent circumstances like weather, tires, surface, engine temperature. It is always better to leave it for professionals.

Increase Horsepower

The cold air part is also important in making more power. Cold air is denser and contains more oxygen molecules than warm air does. So if you can get cooler air into your Ford Shelby GT500 engine, your car will be able to mix more fuel with that air, making more power. Combine that with the more air through the larger and less restrictive filter and intake tube and you can see up to a 15-20 horsepower increase. K&N has even reported an estimated increase of 56.96 horsepower out of the 57-2571 intake for 2007-2009 Shelby GT500!

2020 Ford Shelby GT500 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
Base 2dr Coupe
760 Hp, 625 Lb-Ft.
3.3 sec, 10.7 @ 0

2014 Ford Shelby GT500 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
Base 2dr Coupe
662 Hp, 631 Lb-Ft., 3845 Weight
3.1 sec, 11.5 @ 130
Base 2dr Convertible
662 Hp, 631 Lb-Ft., 3982 Weight
3.2 sec, 11.6 @ 128

2013 Ford Shelby GT500 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
Base 2dr Coupe
662 Hp, 630 Lb-Ft., 3850 Weight
3.1 sec, 11.4 @ 130
Base 2dr Convertible
662 Hp, 630 Lb-Ft., 3969 Weight
3.2 sec, 11.5 @ 129

2012 Ford Shelby GT500 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
Base 2dr Coupe
550 Hp, 510 Lb-Ft., 3820 Weight
4.2 sec, 12.1 @ 121
Base 2dr Convertible
550 Hp, 510 Lb-Ft., 3969 Weight
4.3 sec, 12.2 @ 121

2011 Ford Shelby GT500 0-60 times, all trims

Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
Base 2dr Coupe
550 Hp, 510 Lb-Ft., 3820 Weight
4.1 sec, 12 @ 124
Base 2dr Convertible
550 Hp, 510 Lb-Ft., 3969 Weight
4.2 sec, 12.2 @ 123

Ford Shelby GT500 0-60 mph acceleration across years

Year of a Model0-60 times1/4 mile times

3.3 sec

10.7 @ 0 mph

3.1 - 3.2 sec

11.5 @ 130 - 11.6 @ 128 mph

3.1 - 3.2 sec

11.4 @ 130 - 11.5 @ 129 mph

4.2 - 4.3 sec

12.1 @ 121 - 12.2 @ 121 mph

4.1 - 4.2 sec

12 @ 124 - 12.2 @ 123 mph

4.3 - 4.4 sec

12.3 @ 118 - 12.4 @ 117 mph

4.7 - 4.8 sec

12.6 @ 119 - 12.8 @ 117 mph

4.5 - 4.8 sec

12.8 @ 117 - 12.9 @ 117 mph

4.7 - 4.8 sec

12.6 @ 119 - 12.8 @ 117 mph

The 2020 Shelby GT500 appears at a distance like a Mustang rushing through a speed store with poor taste and unlimited access to precipitously made CAD data. However, look closely, and you can see that the huge grille and rear wing spoiler have an actual aim: to use the speed produced by over 760 horsepower from the über-Mustang.

The extended fenders have larger wheels and tires for better sticking the car to the road, while the front grille, having a size of a New York City sidewalk grate, aids to cool the hard-working supercharged V8 engine. The back spoiler and various lower and side wings also help direct airflow for the vehicle's pressing to the ground.

The expectations are strong if you are a top horse of the stable. And the latest Mustang Shelby GT500 is expected to produce nothing but world-beating results. With its Challenger Hellcat variation, Dodge has normalized the pony-car extremes after Ford finished developing the preceding generation of GT500 after the 2014 model year; Chevrolet has set new records in the test tracks crucible Nürburgring with its Camaro ZL1.

The GT500 is well-fitted to present itself again. For this engine, Ford and Tremec specially designed a modern 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and installed enormous 16.5-inch-diameter front brake rotors clamped upon with six-piston calipers. The adjustable suspension may be tailored to different modes, such as track-day heroics or drag-race showdowns.

This Ford is a specially built car that would not be pleased with the everyday commute. However, not that you couldn't use it for this. Indoors you'll find distinct two-tone leather sport seats, door panel microsuede accents, a 12-inch LCD gauge cluster, the Sync 3 touchscreen infotainment system, connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a Bang & Olufsen sound system. The win over rivals in the class of word-class-performance cars does not have to be at the comfort and amenity cost.

However, the GT500 requires money. Fill in a few choices, and you will see a Mustang of more than $100,000 with an MSRP. Yet, you get a fantastic performance for this money that results in such little compromise in comfort. That it's so easy to say - it's worth every penny.

It is monstrously in driving. It is the best way to summarize the GT500's capabilities. The straight-line performance is nothing less than surprising. In 3.8 seconds, the test vehicle was ripped from 0 to 60 mph and through the quarter-mile in only 11.3 seconds at a staggering 130.7 mph. Braking at 60 mi/h was also remarkable, with a reported distance of just 98 feet; it is near to a few supercars. Quite impressive were the handling figures, with 1.17g of the Shelby on our skidpad. Again, it is close to supercars.

The minor drawback is its numb steering, as well as the Shelby's overly broad turning circle. Expect that you will be able to make a lot of three-point turns in this car. But the smoothness and rapidity of the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic are worth noting. The transmission is adaptive and receptive to the driver's input that makes stop-and-go traffic or hot-lapping a full breeze.

The 2020 Ford Shelby GT500, a version of the Mustang coupe with high productivity, is available in a single trim edition. Actually, it is a street-legal, ready for the track Mustang with inaccessible on the regular car various performance options.

The 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 is equipped with a supercharged 5.2-liter V8 (760 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque) matched to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and rear-wheel drive. Among other notable performance features, there are three powertrain coolers (oil, differential, and transmission), adaptive dampers, a Torsen rear differential (with 3.73 gearing), race-grade Brembo brakes, and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

However, hardcore productivity doesn't reduce comfort. Indoors, you will find front seats wrapped in leather with simulated-suede inserts, a digital gauge cluster monitor, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and Ford's Sync 3 infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen and connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Maybe, you will want to add the additional Handling or Carbon Fiber Track kit. The first comes with a Gurney flap to the rear spoiler for advanced aerodynamic performance. The second kit provides 20-inch carbon-fiber wheels, improved tires, and adjustable strut top mounts for fine-tuning alignment, Recaro front seats, and carbon-fiber interior trim. The Carbon Fiber Track package also cuts out the back seat for weight savings.

If lap times aren't an obsession, consider the Technology package instead. It adds an upgraded Bang & Olufsen sound system, a navigation system blind-spot monitoring, and driver-seat memory settings.

If circle times aren't a crazy idea, instead, you must add the Technology kit. It offers an advanced Bang & Olufsen sound system, navigation, monitoring of the blind-spot, and driver-seat memory functions.

Start with the regular Shelby GT500 first and see whether the urge to bend physics laws does not meet that. If the answer is no, then the Handling kit should be added for upgrading aerodynamics or the Carbon Fiber Track kit for wheels, suspension and tires improving. You cannot add these kits together, so you have to choose one of them.

Ford Shelby GT500 specs